Secure-Tunnel Announces Release of ST Xpress, A Free Anonymous Web Proxy

Secure-Tunnel Announces Release of ST Xpress, A Free Anonymous Web Proxy announced the release of a free anonymous proxy service to combat internet censorship. The new service dubbed Secure-Tunnel Xpress requires no installation and can be used from anywhere internet access is available. The new service can be found at


Fargo, ND (PRWEB) June 20, 2008 — announced the release of ST Xpress, a free Web based anonymizing proxy service.

The new service is completely web based so no installation is required and it can be used from anywhere a user has access to the Internet and a web browser. Secure-Tunnel Xpress works by adding a navigation bar to the top of the Web page that encrypts traffic and encodes all Web page information to protect the user from intrusions into their privacy. The anonymous Web proxy also manages cookies to prevent traces from the Web pages they view from being left on the computer.

Web users often find themselves in public locations where they cannot install proxy software or they just want a quick solution to provide them instant anonymity. Secure-Tunnel Xpress suits this purpose by allowing instant access to a Web based anonymizing proxy with no installation or configuration required.

University computer labs, libraries, corporate environments and many other environments may require the use of a web based proxy to gain full access to the Internet. Additionally, many countries censor the news that their citizens can view. ST Xpress works with most Web sites including Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, news sites and many more.

Secure-Tunnel offers this service free of charge to help combat Internet censorship and ensure free access to information.

About Secure-Tunnel:
Recognized as a global leader in privacy and identity protection technology, Secure-Tunnel provides online security by encrypting all IP data and masking ports for consumer protection. In addition to Secure-Tunnel Xpress, Secure-Tunnel also offers computer and mobile phone software features for online security.

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