Blocking and Filtering

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YouTube ban turns into mystery turns into mystery

YouTube ban turns into mystery: “Turkish Internet users welcomed the news claiming that the video sharing Web site YouTube was accessible from Turkey again after a 114-day ban, only to later hear from the Telecommunications Authority that the ban had not been lifted.” (Via Today’s Zaman, your gateway to Turkish news :: News.)

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YouTube Is Back or is it?

More news that YouTube is back to normal in Turkey. BiaNet is also reporting that is also unblocked by a Court in Turkey. I can confirm that dailymotion is now (26.08.2008 1545 GMT) is accessible in Turkey but access to is still blocked at DNS level. YouTube Is Back: “YouTube and Dailymotion are accessible again. Youtube was closed…

No Image Turkish bloggers censure the censors / World – Turkish bloggers censure the censors: “Turkish bloggers censure the censors ByAlex Barker in Ankara and Andrew Edgecliffe-Johnson in New York Published: August 22 2008 17:03 | Last updated: August 22 2008 17:03 Turkish bloggers are closing their websites to protest against courts banning dozens of mainstream sites for carrying content deemed ‘immoral’ or insulting to Turkey’s…

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300 Web Sites join the Turkish anti-censorship campaign protest access ban

Web Sites protest access ban: “A campaign has been initiated by to protest a ban on accessing certain Web sites in Turkey. More than 300 Web sites — some of which are among the most popular sites in the country, including the English-Turkish dictionary and — are supporting the campaign.” (Via Today’s Zaman, your gateway to Turkish…

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Herkes kendi güvenliğini kendi sağlamalı!

Herkes kendi güvenliğini kendi sağlamalı!: “Kritik soru internet kullanıcısı açısından, bir sitenin ‘sakıncalı’ olup olmadığına kim karar verecek, nasıl engelleyecek? Yürürlükteki kanuna göre bu işi devlet yapıyor. Uzmanlara göre ise herkes kendi güvenliğini kendi sağlamalı.” NTV-MSNBC, Güncelleme: 01:37 TSİ 24 Haziran 2008 Salı İSTANBUL – Devletin internette kişilerin güvenliğini sağlamak amacıyla “erişimi engellemesi” son günlerin en sıcak tartışma konularından. 5651…

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Objectionable Atatürk Videos Keep YouTube Inaccessible

Objectionable Atatürk Videos Keep YouTube Inaccessible: “Turkey is not one of hostile countries to the internet, but it has kept YouTube, the biggest video sharing site, inaccessible for two months because of insulting videos to Atatürk. The prosecutor says it is not enough to remove them from the Turkish database.” (Via Latest Bianet/English News.)